The Knights clash against DC in the all-important Eliminator | ADKR vs DC - Eliminator | ADKR 2024

ADKR will take on the Dubai Capitals in the Eliminator at the Dubai International Stadium. The Knights qualified third on the points table after having a rollicking journey throughout the league stage. As they gear up for the all-important game, the Knights will be looking to display a strong team performance and ensure them to move a step closer to lifting the trophy. The fans will be thrilled to cheer their favourite knights as they progress into this crucial game.

All season long, the Knights have been putting on great team performances and all the players have made sure they contribute to the team in winning ways. In all of their 5 victories, each game has seen a new hero step up for ADKR and helped them cruise to victory. Captain Sunil Narine has marshaled his troops extremely well all throughout the season and has been able to get the best out of everyone. ADKR will be hoping to turn up for the big game and perform at their fullest potential. All the players will be eager to step up and make a winning contribution.

After a disappointing season last year, the Knights have come storming back in this season and have made a comeback to cherish. An excellent well-rounded unit coupled with an experienced support staff has enhanced the performance of the team. The Knights will now be eager and eyeing a victory in this crucial knockout game and move one step closer to the ultimate glory. All to play for, in Dubai for the Knights!